Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Kieran Scott
Steve is a fantastic instructor. He was always professional and punctual.with great patience and plenty of good humour, he always made me feel comfortable in the car. I can't recommend Steve enough.

Ryan Holton
I passed first time with only two faults doing the semi intensive course with Steve. I would highly recommend the course and Steve as I passed my test within two months. He is patient, friendly and a helpful instuctor.

Tony Martin
I'd just like to say a big thanks to Steve on helping me pass my test. I had previously took lessons with another driving instructor but failed my test a few years ago. I decided to learn again after I was given great reviews from friends on Steves teaching methods, which has successfully helped me pass. So thanks again Steve.

Nina Tittershill
Big thanks to Steve for helping me pass my driving test first time with only two faults. He is patient, friendly and reliable , and not only helps you prepare fully for the practical test, with his help I also passed my theory test first time with high marks. I cannot recommend Steve enough for any one wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again Steve.

I would like to say a big thank you to Steve Grimshaw for helping me pass my driving test with "NO FAULTS" I hope you will have many more to come.

I will definitely be recommending you to all my family & friends, as i couldn't have passed without your support. Regards, Tony and his nagging girlfriend.

Alex Clarke
I would recommend Steve as a driving instructor any one, he is calm, reassuring and above all very patient! He made my learning to drive an enjoyable experience.

Sarah Summerfield
I had one instructor before going with Steve, and the standards Steve shown when teaching me was excellent. I passed first time which i was really pleased about. Also at the end of my test the examiner even made a comment about the standards of my driving and said credit was due to my instructor Steve. I highly recommend Steve to any one who is willing to learn to drive, because his way of teaching you how to drive is very easy and it was a good experience learning with him. He is very reliable and friendly. If you really want to pass, i recommend Steve 110% because he taught me really well. Thanks Steve

Mark Goodall, Passed first time!
I had previously had 10 lessons years ago and had never really bothered with it since. Steve put a leaflet through my door and after some persuation on my girlfriends part I decided totake lessons with Steve. I found himto be a very patient, friendly instructor whose relaxed tuition made it all the more easy for me to learn. In fact I have no critisisms of him. He provided free theory test material which resulted in me passing my theory on the first attempt.Which was great!Having just one lesson a week I was expecting for it to take a long time, but after roughly five months I was put in for my test and I passed first time with only four minor errors!

Personally I couldn't recommend Steve highly enough, my girlfriend will be using Steve whe its her turn and if your looking for an instructor and you've found Steve you do not need to look any further!

Mellissa Case
I had a bad crash as a passenger and was extremely nervous about learning to drive, my husband persuaded me to contact Steve, as he had passed 1st time about 8 years ago and had nothing but amazing words to say about him.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Steve, he was so calm and patient, he adapted his teaching to my individual needs and it didn't take long before I'd built up my confidence and was ready to take my test. I, like many of his other learners passed both my theory and driving test 1st time. He is reliable, friendly and completely trustworthy and I'd recommend him to anyone wanting to drive!

Thanks Steve.

Teresa Hogarth
After my previous instructor i was recommended to Steve by a friend and it was the best thing ever. I was a very nervous pupil at first, but Steve had lots of patience and was very understending and frienly.

I passed my test first time thanks to Steve. I could not have asked for more, and would definitely recommend Steve to any one who wants to drive.

Katie Smithurst
I passed my driving test first time with Steve. He was always very professional and always had time for me. He helped me revise for my theory test with books and CD's and thanks to him, I passed first time. I would definately recommend Steve as he saved me money by buying block lessons, and he has also made me the safe driver I am today.

Kimberlee Ryan
After a number of previous other instructors, I was recommended to Steve. He was always very patient, reliable and friendly. Although I didn't pass my test the first time, Steve stayed patient and stood by me until I achieved my goal of passing my driving test. I would recommend Steve to anyone wishing to learn to drive requiring these qualities from a driving instructor.

Stephanie deCelis
"I passed my theory test and driving test first time within 6 weeks doing a semi intensive course with Steve. I put it all down to his professionalism, patience and the LDC products that he loaned me free of charge. Steve was always very reliable and approachable which made my driving lessons more enjoyable."